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Name a bureaucracy that works? How about the U.S. military?

The Obamas – one house, one spouse.

Is there some legal reason Bill Diehl doesn't get a haircut?

Now that the LPGA is requiring its golfers to be able to speak English, the NBA and the NFL should follow suit.

John McCain wants to be head of the country. Is John McCain the head of his family?

Democrats run Congress, almost every major city, 30 governorships – and they complain about the direction of the country?

Any Democrat that can laugh at former VP Dan Quayle and yet smile about Obama's choice of Joe Biden needs a better lobotomy.

The more the Republicans batter the Constitution, the economy, the middle class, the more ardently they profess their love of country.

The honor of being the biggest self-proclaimed victim group belongs to the Democrats who think that the government is responsible to provide for all their needs.

Has anyone noticed that our Mayor was nowhere to be seen or heard from during the floods Wednesday?

Ok, one more time: Don't locate on floodplains!