Iran, Nigeria to share nuclear technology

An Iranian trade delegation announced an agreement Thursday for Iran to share peaceful nuclear technology with Nigeria, to help Africa's biggest oil producer bolster its electricity-generation capacity.

Officials of both countries stressed that the agreement involves only the peaceful uses of atomic energy.

Iran is under sanctions for defying U.N. Security Council demands to halt uranium enrichment until it answers Western suspicions its nuclear program is trying to develop atomic weapons.

Iran insists its program is intended only to use nuclear reactors to generate electricity.

Mohammad Ali Zeyghami, a commerce official leading the Iranian delegation, said Iran has the right to share its nuclear know-how with Nigeria. He said oil and other fossil fuels will run out one day and it is crucial to develop other energy sources.

“Nobody can limit the use of knowledge anywhere in the world,” Zeyghami said.

Details of the deal were not announced, so it was unclear what technology Iran would provide to Nigeria, which does not have a nuclear energy program now.