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Conservatives claim the Palin daughter's pregnancy is no big deal because they're doing the right thing in getting married. How do we know that's what the daughter really wants?

I'll care that Palin's daughter is pregnant the minute she starts making speeches for Mom.

The important thing to know about Sarah Palin: If she was a Liberal, her grandchild would already be dead.

Sarah Palin, the Harriet Miers of vice presidential candidates.

I've had longer interviews and more vetting to be an office worker than Sarah Palin had to be VP.

McCain is 72, in remission from melanoma, doesn't understand the Internet or know how many houses he has, chose a wild card he just met for vice president and with a straight face he asks me to vote for him.

So McCain is for cutting taxes. How's he going to pay for his wars?

Palin risked her career to stand up to the corrupt Republican Party machine in Alaska. Obama cozied up to the corrupt Chicago machine to further his career. Which experience do you prefer?

Do people who forward all sorts of ridiculous stuff to me via email think they are actually engaged in communication?

It would be colossal if USA could capture and utilize the power of hurricanes.