Dems blast Palin for claim

The question of whether Sarah Palin has ever been to Iraq has aides for Democrat Barack Obama accusing the McCain campaign of outright lies, distortions and distractions to the American people.

Since Republican John McCain tapped the Alaska governor to be his running mate on Aug. 29, questions about her experience have been fueled by her relatively brief tenure in office, as well as a dearth of foreign travel.

Palin made a trip to Kuwait and Germany last year to visit U.S. troops, and over time, the governor and her staff have revealed she also visited Canada and Mexico. Meanwhile, her aides clarified that a purported visit to Ireland was little more than a refueling stop during her trip to the Middle East.

On Saturday, a Palin aide said the governor also set foot in Iraq during her July 2007 trip to see members of the Alaska National Guard, although the campaign has not emphasized it since the visit was brief. The aide, who demanded anonymity before answering the question, said Palin visited a “military outpost” on the Iraq side of the Kuwait/Iraq border.

That answer appears to contradict one provided to The Boston Globe, which reported Saturday that McCain-Palin aides had twice revised their description of Palin's visit to Iraq.

The newspaper said aides initially explained that Palin had visited a “military outpost” inside Iraq. The Globe said campaign aides and members of the Alaska National Guard subsequently explained that she did not venture into Iraq beyond the Iraq-Kuwait border when she visited the Khabari Alawazem Crossing.