Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “Officials maintain support of Monroe” (Sept. 16):

Chief Monroe, earn yourself

a real degree this time

Everyone now knows Rodney Monroe's degree from VCU isn't legitimate.

Damage has been done, and fallout will continue. A simple solution: The chief should agree to enroll at UNC Charlotte and to complete a real degree within two years or so.

Don Reid


In response to “Europeans teach kids how to drink responsibly” (Sept. 11 Forum):

Europe's young drinkers

have transportation options

Europeans are often drinking publicly at age 18. Unlike Americans, however, they have numerous trains, subways, buses and taxis to safely take them home.

My problem isn't with 18-year-olds drinking but with their drinking and driving.

Larry A. Singer


In response to “ ‘Cool pastor, hot church'? New package, old baloney” (Sept. 16 Forum):

Humanity held back

by Judeo-Christian myths

Thank you, Maggie Sargent! The day we humans wake up and take responsibility for our actions and the ensuing consequences, instead of relying on the backward thinking instilled in most of us over a millennia or two of brainwashing by Judeo-Christian mythology, is the day hope finally dawns on Earth.

Laura Probst


‘2,000-year-old book'

offers guidance we need

Our country is in the shape it is because it hasn't been living according to “a 2,000-year-old book.”

These “new package” churches are changing our direction for the better.

Gene Odom


Brainwashed youth sitting

before TV set, not in pews

Brainwashing young people is a symptom of television, not of hot pastors and cool churches. Oops – cool pastors and hot churches.

This is front-page material! I should know. I've been on both sides of the “fairy tale.”

Will Granger


In response to “CMS halts activities amid fuel crunch” (Sept. 16):

CMS: ‘Predatory pricing'

of diesel fuel? No way

CMS buys its fuel directly from suppliers, not gas stations. The Department of Energy reported Monday that “Despite a major hurricane on Texas' Gulf Coast this weekend, diesel fuel's national average price fell for the ninth straight week…. ”

Diesel is priced well below what CMS budgeted for. Associate Superintendent Guy Chamberlain should have cited a limited supply of fuel on hand, while noting CMS's ability to tap into CATS' reserves.

Complaining about “predatory pricing” only shows CMS lacks the sophistication to manage an asset such as fuel reserves.

Isn't it time for CMS to outsource the transportation function?

David Burnett


In response to “3 Merrill executives may get nearly $200 million” (Sept. 17):

Merrill departure bonanzas

reflect larger problem

Merrill Lynch's top three execs will receive a total of almost $200 million if they're demoted or released by Bank of America – and we wonder why we're in financial turmoil?

Don Markofski


How much does it matter

how looters are dressed?

When poor people wearing do-rags and sagging pants engage in looting, the National Guard is dispatched with instructions to shoot on sight.

When investment bankers and mortgage brokers wearing Brioni suits and using Blackberries pillage our financial institutions, the Fed is dispatched with instructions to bail them out.

Golphin Hankinson


In response to “Layoffs, plant closings led to mortgage crisis” (Sept. 17):

Workers, at least, saw

trouble coming down pike

Judy Stiller effectively defines the problem that has brought us to the current crisis.

The average American worker figured this out years ago.

Why didn't anyone listen to us?

S. H. Pyles


In response to “Boycotts, sit-ins, petitions – no wonder liberals love them” (Sept. 15 Forum):

Were Founders ‘liberal'

in stipulating our rights?

Mike Mattson says “liberals love” sit-ins, petitions and boycotts. But those tactics signify neither liberalism nor conservatism.

The U.S. Constitution itself guarantees us the rights “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” and to peaceably assemble.

Jack Heniford

York, S.C.

Sit-ins brought changes

that benefited us all

Does Mike Mattson think America would be better off if those brave black students hadn't politely requested service at the Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro?

Or if Dr. King had encouraged his followers to just stay home, be quiet and accept the status quo?

Mark Ahlstrom


In response to “Lessons from a destroyed city” (Sept. 17 Viewpoint):

Pitch for ‘Christian values'

undermines Walters' case

I agree with David Walters' assessment that this nation, especially one of its political parties, appears more interested in jingoism and religious righteousness than in actually addressing the needs of our cities, states and planet.

But when Walters concludes America instead “needs Christian virtues of compassion, humility and generosity,” he encourages another round of self-righteousness by the same people he criticizes.

His presumably unintended endorsement of America's majority religion only makes it more difficult to keep church and state rightly separated.

Jack Calaway


Churchill, Bush both knew

better than to appease

Thank you for David Walters' target-rich columns.

Churchill was a lone voice in the wilderness for arming Europe against Hitler. Walters almost certainly would have sided with the hapless appeaser Neville Chamberlain.

We will never know if Plymouth and other cities could have been saved if England had listened to Churchill, but we already know George W. Bush has kept America safe since 9-11.

Thomas F. Cochran Sr.


Palin won't look good

in debate with Biden

Why Obama will win: The Palin candle will flicker in the debates with Biden. The mud-slinging that the Republicans will inevitably resort to will backfire. Most important, the choice of Palin may have united the right wing of the GOP, but it will cost it the support of the center.

Martin Zimmerman


Anti-terrorism, drilling: Why

I'm voting Republican

Here's why a Palin-McCain administration would make me sleep better at night: the continuity of keeping terrorists at bay and the prospect of additional drilling for oil and natural gas.

Kyle Grady


McCain, not Obama,

reaching for federal dollars

Isn't it interesting that McCain, the supposed fiscal conservative, is choosing to accept $84 million in federally matched-funds for his campaign while Obama, the “big spending liberal,” has chosen to forgo matched-funding.

Sean Fox