The Buzz

Reformer. Outdoorsperson. Trust-buster. Hunter. Early 40's. “Only” a governor. Sound familiar? Teddy Roosevelt, same credentials as Palin.

Todd Palin doesn't have to obey a subpoena because he doesn't think the investigation it is related to is “legitimate”? Some law-and-order Republican!.

Just what the U.S. needs: Polar Barbie a heartbeat away from the presidency.

It was a Camelot night in Hollywood – Barack & Barbra, Arthur & Guinevere, arms entwined, eyes glistening, $30,000 platters cleaned, softly singing “What Do the Simple Folk Do?”

How do all you Bush voters from the last two elections feel about how safe your president has left the U.S.?

It seems we now live in “The United Mistakes of America.”

Socialism was created so that left wing losers, who cannot compete in the real world, could control and ruin your life.

Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and AIG remind me of rebellious teenagers. They say to government, “You can't tell me what to do." Then, when they make bad choices and are facing painful consequences, they run to Daddy to make everything OK.

When the Bush administration says this or that financial institution is “too big to fail,” they mean too big to fail this close to the election.