The Buzz

Why is voting for a man only because he is black different from voting against a man only because he is black?

I prefer socialized medicine over socialized capitalism because I would get a benefit from socialized medicine.

In Gore-Edwards tradition, Biden wasn't quite prepared to run: His charitable giving last year was next-to-nil (but he'll do better...)

Did your Bush tax cut offset your stock market losses and home value losses?

Any candidate for public office who has to be tutored to learn about the office's responsibilities is totally unfit for that office.

Who gives a whit how many cars are owned by McCain's large family?

Anybody who wants to bet Obama wins North Carolina, get in touch with me. I need the money.

Does Obama still believe Iran is a “tiny nation that is of no threat to the United States”?

It doesn't take a degree in economics to figure out what is going on in the economy and fuel prices. It takes a degree in criminology.

President Obama – The end of America as a great country.

The amount of money for the bailout could fund health care for every American until the end of time.