What should government do about economic crisis?

Q. What do you think about plans to tackle the economic crisis? Is your family feeling the effects of economic problems? If so, how?

Ethan Ivy, 14, South Meck High School, Charlotte: While many Americans are happy that the government is making an effort to boost the economy, its actions may prove to be disastrous. The government taking control of any financial institution is Communism. A government bailout will only help temporarily, because it will drive up the federal deficit. Government should help regulate the economy but not run it.

Carly Schoepflin, 13, Smith Academy of International Languages, Charlotte: The government shouldn't oversee these businesses. The government should have different solutions to the problems. Citizens should have to help too, like cutting back more. It can't be just a “one-way relationship.” Fortunately for me, my family hasn't been feeling the effects of problems. But I have seen the effects.

Sarah Kerman, 12, Piedmont Open I.B. Middle School, Charlotte: The U.S economy is in a recession. We need federal bailouts because they'll help get our economy back on track. But we must start with the source of the problem. It's like fixing a leak. Do you try to patch the leak or patch the source of the leak? Leaders of our country didn't regulate who could get certain loans and lenders got greedy. The lenders took advantage of lack of government regulation. We need more rules!

Christine Barringer, 14, North Stanly High School, New London: The government is not doing its part to keep this country running. I heard the other day that our country is heading towards another depression. So, the government either doesn't care or is too wrapped up in the upcoming elections. They government needs to oversee the companies that are crashing to make sure that we won't have any more bankruptcies.