The ‘A' List | Fire, impact fatal

Fire, impact fatal

A pilot and co-pilot killed in a Learjet crash in South Carolina died of smoke inhalation and burns, and two passengers were killed from the impact, officials said Monday.

Remarkably, former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and celebrity disc jockey DJ AM survived the Friday night crash with second- and third-degree burns. One of their doctors at a Georgia burn hospital said he expects them to fully recover.

The pilot and co-pilot were burned on their entire bodies and died within minutes of the plane's crash into an embankment about a quarter-mile from the end of the airport's runway, said Brian Setree, chief deputy coroner for Lexington County. The two passengers, who were close friends of the musicians, died on impact; no evidence of smoke was found in their lungs, Setree said.

Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board said they have not determined what caused the crash. However, a cockpit voice recorder revealed that crew members thought a tire blew and tried to abort the takeoff, but couldn't stop the plane.

A witness who came upon the scene moments after the crash said he discovered the musicians in the street near the fiery wreck as they frantically tried to douse their burning clothes.

The witness, William Owens, described the plane as a fireball shooting across the highway. Owens said he was told there were four other people on board, but the flames were too hot to get close.


Emmy audience goes small

Sunday's Emmy Awards had one of its smallest audiences ever.

It seemed somehow appropriate for an awards show that showered honors upon “Mad Men” and “30 Rock,” series with critical acclaim and lousy ratings.

Nielsen Media Research's preliminary estimate was that 12.24 million people watched Sunday's show. If that number holds up when more complete national ratings come in, it will be less than the 2007 and 1990 shows, which were both slightly under 13 million.

The Emmys had some tough competition with a Dallas-Green Bay football game and “60 Minutes” interviews with John McCain and Barack Obama.


Lohan to guest on ‘Project Runway'

Lindsay Lohan will appear as a guest judge on the reality competition show “Project Runway” when it debuts its new season on its new network, Lifetime, reports “Access Hollywood.”

Lohan, 22, reportedly filmed the 2009 premiere episode last week.

Numerous celebrities have sat in the judge's chair for the show, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Debra Messing.


Actor Mickey Rooney, 88. Singer Julio Iglesias, 65. Rock star Bruce Springsteen, 59. Actor Jason Alexander, 49. Singer Ani DiFranco, 38. Recording executive Jermaine Dupri, 36.

This day in history Sept. 23

1957: Nine black students who had entered Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas were forced to withdraw because of a white mob outside.