The Buzz

Which is worse, the multi-million-dollar CEOs who can run a business only in good times, or the lawmakers (duds) in Washington who create the problems to start with?

“Maxed Out: A History of Fiscal Policy under the Bush Administration 2001-2009.”

Doesn't the City Council realize by now that ‘unexpected costs' are not unexpected?

Before you feel bad about the demise of a local hardware store, ask yourself when was the last time you didn't go to Lowe's or Home Depot.

Th only difference between Bush and Palin is....LIPSTICK!

The U.S. has separation of church and state – what we need now is a better separation of private business from government.

Sen. McCain to Mr. Paulson: “ ‘Trust me' isn't good enough.” Sen. McCain to us: “Trust me, Sarah Palin is good enough.”

Morality tale: Bush rescues AIG. Dems: “He's bailing out the rich, as always.” Bush lets AIG go. Dems: “Bush could care less about little people's jobs and savings.”

So glad that the U.S. Mint is coming out with new pennies. We will be watching every one.

John McCain is all thumbs! (up)

Compared with the Bush Administration, the Nixon Administration looks like a paragon of virtue.