The Buzz

Suddenly it seems most appropriate that the comics are often found in the “Business Section”.

In this country, the people who do the right things are always paying for the people who do the wrong things.

The picture on Friday's front page showing a man filling his car and five 5-gallon containers with gas gives new meaning to the term “gas hog.”

The only thing McCain's “photo-op” to D.C. proves is that as a bi-partisan planner, "uniter" and “decider,” he is as “lame” as Bush. He did manage to suck all of the “good will” out of the negotiations.

Hey, buzzer, it was PALIN who mistakenly identified Cedar Rapids and Grand Rapids (and I have seen the YouTube that proves it). Get your facts straight.

This financial crisis did happen on President Bush's watch, but the Democrats in Congress caused the problem. Look up the facts and stop believing the Obama propaganda news stations.

How could the best accountants in the world not recognize the possibility of bad debts in their budget calculations?

Hillary Clinton smashed the glass ceiling. Sarah Palin is single handedly reconstructing it.

Democrats can't pass a bill unless it's loaded with more of the same old stuff that caused the problem in the first place.