The Buzz

Congress: Keystone Kops in business suits.

Pundits say putting a salary cap on financial CEOs will drive them to England or Saudia Arabia. After what they have done, let them go.

First law of gas supply: The availability of gasoline to any region is directly proportional to the political influence of the elected leaders from that region.

Now will you park your gas-wasting SUV?

Charlotte can thank McMaverick for delaying the “bailout” that could have saved Wachovia!!!

Current events have proven low-income homeowners are a bad idea so any government bailout must include a rewriting of the Community Reinvestment Act.

It's amazing how many in Congress blame Wall Street when they wrote the laws and were the only ones who could change them.

Wachovia was a good, conservative bank until First Union bought them.

The costs of government trickle down, but the benefits do not.

Coach Fox: How about spending this week on fundamentals! Back to basics. Less penalties!

Is Wall Street able to bail itself out?