Corrections and Clarifications

The Observer strives to be accurate and fair. Those values are crucial to our relationship with readers. We are committed to correcting our mistakes promptly. Corrections from all main Observer sections are published here. Errors on Opinion and Viewpoint are corrected on those pages. Errors from our regional publications are corrected on page 2 of those sections.

A Sunday listing for this United Way agency included incomplete information. This is the full listing:

Council for Children's Rights

601 E. Fifth St., Suite 510; Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone: 704-372-7961

Web site:


Mission: Council for Children's Rights leads the community to stand up for every child's right to be safe, healthy and educated.

Budget share from United Way: About 20%.

Greatest needs: Volunteers, office supplies, monetary donations.

A story in Monday's Sports section gave the wrong television channel for the Panthers' game this Sunday. The game will be on WBTV (Ch. 3).

A story in Saturday's Carolina Living section gave the incorrect name of the composer and arranger for Fox Charlotte's newscast music. It is Michael McGinnis of Concentrix Music and Sound Design.