The Buzz

When a whole bunch of Democrats, and a whole bunch of Republicans, vote against something, isn't that bipartisan, too?

Here is what Joe Biden needs to do to prepare for his debate with Sarah Palin: .

It's time to move the Wachovia story where it the front page...out of the business section... into the obituaries.

If Mayor McCrory is all about "leadership," where is it when we need it during our gas crisis?

Half the world hates us for the war. The other half hates us for destroying their economies. Nice legacy, Bush.

Even the Spice Girls lasted longer than Sarah Palin.

The USS Economy is sinking and Congress is rearranging the deck chairs.

The Senators could not resist putting a few more lights on the bailout “Christmas tree.”

Wouldn't you like to see “None of the Above” as a choice on this year's presidential ballot?

Dear Mayor Pat: As asked, I did not panic. Now I'm on empty and can't get to work. Can you bring me some gas from Asheville or Raleigh?

You are not losing any money if your aren't selling your stock.