Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “Palin challenges Obama on abortion” (Oct. 12):

Radical about abortion?

That would be Palin

Abortion is legal in the U.S. The radical view is Palin's, not Obama's.

Mary Douglas


No abortion for victims

of rape, incest? That's over top

McCain lost the vote of this moderate independent by choosing a radical running mate. Denying legal abortion for victims of rape and incest? Thanks, but no thanks.

Bryan C. Adams


GOP talks big, but doesn't

produce for pro-lifers

Every four years the GOP dredges up the abortion issue and uses it to rally pro-lifers to the polls.

But once elected what have the Republicans done to end it? Nothing.

Emilio Poindexter


Intent of rights advocates

isn't ‘pro-abortion'

No one is “pro-abortion.” The point is to ensure as many options as possible for women, regardless of how they came to be in that situation.

Elizabeth Meyer Fox


In response to “CROP walkers turn out in force” (Oct. 13):

Every CROP dollar

needed here, not abroad

Our neighbors have serious needs. We should husband our own resources for a change. Leave the rest of the world to the United Nations.

Mary Ellen Miller


Yes, transit is ticket –

but let's finish I-485

The 2008 Citistates Report (Oct. 12 Big Picture) is right to advocate building transit rather than more highways.

If the Monroe bypass and Garden Parkway are to be built at all, they should be limited-access toll roads – not additional tools for developers.

It's unrealistic, however, not to complete the remaining 10 percent of I-485.

It too should have been a toll road, which would've made it a traffic reliever, not the traffic generator it has become.

Robert H. Bischoff


In response to “ ‘Anglo Files' a field guide to quirks of the British” (Sept. 21):

Smelly Brits? Lousy food?

We must have missed them

Sarah Lyall describes British food as “dependably bad.” After spending two weeks in the UK and enjoying memorable meals at our B&B in Wales, in restaurants and in pubs, we have to wonder: Where is everyone getting this awful British food?

As to Lyall's opinions on British hygiene, we thought Londoners smelled very nice, even during rush hour on the Tube, when we were closer than we had ever been to people to whom we hadn't been introduced!

James and Susan Dawkins


In response to “Is the era of easy credit over for the long haul?” (Oct. 13):

Living within our means:

A lesson not readily learned

What a novel idea – buying no more house than we can afford and accumulating no more credit card debt than can be paid in full monthly.

It's taken a financial crisis to learn what our parents and grandparents have been telling us for years.

Don Markofski


In response to “How to have a conversation with the teenage brain” (Oct. 21):

What do teens know (or care)

about presidential election?

Although an expert reports that “the brain's decision-making capacity is still developing until... age 21 or 22,” your Young Voices column the same day quotes opinions of 11- to 15-year-olds on the presidential race (“Election campaign uncivil?”).

I suspect we are actually reading the opinions of their parents. Most children that age couldn't care less about electoral issues!

Much more relevant would be an “Old Voices” column.

I am 90.

Ricardo O. Bach

Lake Wylie, S.C.

‘State of My Promises'

will put results on table

Whoever wins the election should be held accountable for his campaign promises.

In the annual “State of My Promises to Voters” address the president would be required to account for those he kept and those he broke. His salary, benefits, pension, historical stature and headlines in the next day's paper would be adjusted accordingly.

Sharon Massey


In response to “Why John McCain would make the best president” (Oct. 14 For the Record):

Mark Erwin gets it, even if

press lets Obama off hook

Thank you, Mark Erwin.

The mainstream press, our de facto fourth branch of government, has never adequately questioned Barack Hussein Obama about his shady background.

Until we Americans can rely on journalists to do their jobs, it's “every man for himself.”

Jeff Buchanan


Bush Bubbas, let's get

it right this time

I'm a 55-year-old, white, Southern male Christian, who enjoys a high standard of living.

I voted for George W. Bush both times. (I will carry the shame to my grave.) I study politics more carefully now.

Barack Obama has my vote even if I have to crawl to the polls. Any of you other Bubbas want to join me?

Bill Carpenter

Wesley Chapel

In response to “No way to represent: D.C. just isn't N.C.” (Oct. 14 Forum):

Sure didn't take Hillary

long to become New Yorker

How long did Hillary Clinton live in New York before she claimed to represent that state? Of course, she was a Democrat.

James A. Vansickle


In response to “Myrick's tardy support of bailout hurt 9th District” (Oct. 13 For the Record):

9th District pays price

for Myrick's gamble

Harry Taylor hits the nail square on the head. Rep. Sue Myrick's public pronouncements appear to be more about supporting Sue Myrick than supporting her constituents.

To score political points, she gambled with our economic security – and we lost.

Mark Ahlstrom


Can Observer really be

changing its stripes?

What's happening at the Observer? One day you endorse a Republican for state treasurer, the next you run a story about deer hunting. Never thought I'd live to see the day.

Kenny L. Colbert


In response to “Birth control policy is wrong-headed” (Oct. 13 Viewpoint):

Africa: Make birth safer,

don't shrink families

Nicholas Kristof rightly bemoans the maternal mortality that ravages underdeveloped nations, especially Africa.

But the solution isn't simply to make less Africans.

Poor women are dying in and of childbirth in a way that long ago vanished in the developed world. Perhaps the first line of defense should be adequate training for midwives, sterile supplies and access to needed medicines, not simply an elimination of children, particularly where large families are valued.

Robin Hugens


I'll miss Vanessa Willis

in Neighbors of South Meck

Another of my favorite voices silenced at the Observer. Vanessa Willis, I'll miss your columns in Neighbors of South Mecklenburg. I hope to see you re-emerge with even more encouragement and love for readers.

Frances C. Brame