Observer forum: Letters to editor

‘Faces of downturn': Issue

isn't just faltering economy

While I sympathize with everyone suffering in this recession, the problems detailed in “Faces of the downturn” (Oct. 15) can't entirely be blamed on the poor economy.

Had the hairdresser purchased more affordable transportation and bitten the bullet and bought health insurance, she would likely be far better off. Had the father of three not run up $35,000 of credit-card debt and borrowed $35,000 from his 401 (k), he might still be able to take his kids out for a treat.

Dave Verrill


In unhappy times, why

must Observer pile on?

Please, please, please – don't we have enough depressing news without “Faces of the downturn”?

Come on, help us smile.

Mary Lou Stafford


In response to “5th suit filed against land deal” (Oct. 13):

To sue so often, Reese

must have secret reason

No lawyer files suits of this volume unless he has a backer. Surely Major League Baseball is behind Jerry Reese. Why else would he go to such lengths to stonewall a minor league ballpark downtown?

Now Reese needs to reveal just how Charlotte will be able to support a big league team. Give us your plan!

Bill Focht


In response to “What do teens know (or care) about presidential election?” (Oct. 15 Forum):

Teens consider opinions

of parents – and others

I'm a home-schooled ninth-grader and a founding member of the Charlotte Teen Voices Chapter of Junior Statesmen of America. I recently spoke at a rally at ImaginOn to protest voter apathy.

Yes, we often echo our parents' views. Should we take opposite sides, simply because they are our parents?

Although I have been instilled with their morals and beliefs from an early age, I carefully consider other points of view before taking a stand.

Elizabeth Tate


In response to Kathleen Parker's “How to win votes, hearts of Appalachia” (Oct. 14 Viewpoint):

McCain has what it takes

to impress rural N.C.

As a proud N.C. native of Scotch-Irish and Appalachian mountain descent I admire writers such as Ron Rash who can illustrate the traditions and character of our region. But the last thing we need is for someone else to tell Mr. Obama what to say.

Slick sells in San Francisco and New York, but only draws skepticism in rural North Carolina. Military service carries great weight, as does heroism. Although Mr. McCain isn't conservative enough for my tastes, I have many reasons to believe he is ready – and Mr. Obama isn't.

Robert L. McCollum Jr.


In response to “McCain, fire your campaign” (Oct. 15 Viewpoint):

As McCain adviser, Kristol

is anything but consistent

William Kristol takes the cake. After previously advocating that McCain “let Palin be Palin” and then egging on Gov. Palin to take the gloves off in attacking Obama, Kristol now has the nerve to advise McCain and Palin to fire the dysfunctional campaign staff and to present themselves as “cheerful, open and accessible.”

William E. Jackson Jr.


Style of their campaigns

predicts their presidencies

In describing Obama's campaign as “well organized” and “in sync” with its candidate and McCain's as going from “problematic” to “close to being out-and-out dysfunctional, Kristol is foreshadowing how our next president will run the country.

Mary Heddens


For Obama, experience

truly seems irrelevant

For someone who claims such insights on matters with which he has had no experience (economics, foreign policy, the military), Obama seems remarkably clueless about long-time associations (Acorn, Rev. Wright, William Ayers).

Thomas F. Cochran Sr.


In response to “Spa retreat served agents AIG needs to survive” (Oct. 12 Forum):

Skip wining, dining –

consumers want quality

So the only way for AIG to make money is to bribe independent agents to sell its insurance policies?

What an unfortunate truth of how business is conducted in America today.

But just think how grand it would be if instead of spending their considerable resources wining and dining clients, all businesses devoted them to developing and delivering the absolute best products and services possible.

Sandy Leafe

West Jefferson

In response to “Hagan better choice for U.S. Senate seat” (Oct. 12 editorial):

Observer doesn't mention

Dole's many successes

I'm no stranger to being disappointed by the Observer, but I'm mystified by your failure to endorse Sen. Elizabeth Dole.

In the past six years Sen. Dole has not only worked effectively on big issues that get the press, but more important helped thousands of citizens deal with federal bureaucracies that too often lose sight of their responsibility to serve.

By any measure, she reflects the very best in us.

Stelle Snyder


In response to “Why John McCain would make the best president” (Oct. 14 For the Record):

‘Best leadership' doesn't

choose a Sarah Palin

Mark Erwin mentions his previous support for Hillary Clinton, who was also my choice in the primary, but he fails to justify supporting this Republican ticket with Sarah Palin, a total embarrassment to all Clinton supporters.

Such a cynical choice of a running mate undermines Erwin's argument for John McCain as “the best leadership available.”

Jill Dinwiddie


In response to “No abortion for victims of rape, incest? That's over top” (Oct. 15 Forum):

Exception for rape, incest

harmful to mother, child

Why make an innocent baby the object of capital punishment because of the father's crime?

Should a woman who has suffered rape or incest be subjected to the further violence of killing the child within her? In these cases, abortion accomplishes nothing but more abuse and heartache.

Patricia J. Hennessy


What do origins matter

when human life is at stake?

Babies inside the victims of rape and incest are still living, breathing people! It doesn't matter how they came about.

Susan Lerch

Indian Trail

In response to “What would God do? Follow suit, Catholics” (Oct. 12 Forum):

Yes, for single-issue voters

choice must be McCain

I can simplify the decision even further.

If you think abortion is the only important issue at stake in this election, vote for McCain. If you understand other important issues are also at stake, vote for Obama.

John Flynn


Sorry, abortion standard

far too restrictive for me

So Catholics must vote against pro-choice candidates?

Even if that means voting pro-war, pro-guns, pro-executions, pro-border walls, pro-wealthy, anti-immigrant, anti-Earth and anti-health care for all children?

Call me a sinner, but I can't do it.

Teresa May

Fort Mill