Campaign Snapshots | Palin ordered to save e-mail

A state judge reaffirmed Wednesday that government-related e-mails Gov. Sarah Palin and her staff sent from private accounts must be preserved.

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Craig Stowers refused to immediately order Palin and her staff to quit using private e-mail accounts for state work and instead told attorneys in the case to present written arguments on the propriety of the practice and on which e-mails were public records.

Stowers made the decision in a lawsuit brought by Anchorage resident Andree McLeod against Palin, the GOP vice presidential nominee.

McLeod contends that public records could be lost if the e-mails are not archived in the state system.

Palin has occasionally used private e-mail accounts to conduct state business, and her Yahoo accounts were hacked last month.

McLeod is suing to preserve the records so they will be available for her open records request to review the e-mails.

Assistant Attorney General Mike Mitchell said Palin no longer uses private e-mail to conduct state business. He did not know if others in Palin's office were using private accounts, and Stowers ordered him to find out. Associated Press

RNC pulling ads in Wisconsin and Maine

The Republican National Committee is halting presidential ads in Wisconsin and Maine, turning its attention primarily to usually Republican states where GOP nominee John McCain shows signs of faltering.

The party's independent ad operation is doubling its budget to about $10 million and focusing on crucial states such as Colorado, Missouri, Indiana and Virginia where Democrat Barack Obama has established a foothold, according a Republican strategist familiar with presidential ad placements.

North Carolina and Florida have also been in the RNC ad mix, but Pennsylvania is the only Democratic-leaning swing state apparently left in the party's ad campaign. Associated Press