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I went through the real Depression: To hell with bailing out Wall Street. Re-establish FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps.

When we catch little criminals, we put them in jail. Big criminals? Congress gives them $700 billion.

Yes, “credit for lower gas prices” certainly does belong to Bush – and to the economy that's tanking under his misdirection.

President Bush, no one is listening to you…not one solitary soul.

Yard signs supporting parks bonds? While the financial system is hemorrhaging from every pore?

Even though I don't speak Spanish, just for fun I watched some of the final debate on Univision. Not much difference.

If Joe the Plumber is making over $250,000, then I'm in the wrong job.

Obama plus a Democratic House and Senate? I may move to Mexico.

Where does Obama plan to obtain the billions needed to repair infrastructure – from Oprah?

Does Kay Hagan consider those two hayseeds in the anti-Dole commercials typical of N.C. men?

It's not so much about caring what 14-year-olds think now as anticipating what they'll think at 18.

How to save gas: Chief Monroe, enforce the speed limit.

If I can buy no-iron clothes, why can't I buy a no-iron Observer?