Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “ ‘Good thing I know a plumber!' ” (Oct. 17 editorial cartoon):

It's Siers, not McCain,

who has fallen into gutter

Kevin Siers' depiction of John McCain behind the iron grill in the gutter is an all-time low for the Observer.

One reason you still have your First Amendment rights is the five years McCain spent behind an iron grill in the service of his country.

V. H. Patel


Dem, Republican, Dem,

Republican, Dem – or else

If you don't print at least one Democratic-negative cartoon for every Republican-negative cartoon from now until the election, you can kiss my subscription goodbye.

Vern Voss


In response to “New details emerge about Ohio's ‘Joe the Plumber'” (Oct. 17):

Story isn't Joe the Plumber

but ‘spread the wealth'

I don't care if his name is Frank, if he's a waiter not a plumber and if he doesn't have a license to drive.

You're distracting people from the point: Obama wants to “spread the wealth.”

In my book that's socialism and class warfare.

Mark Holloway

Rock Hill

Harry Truman, Grover Cleveland,

Teddy Roosevelt, Sarah Palin

The people who attack Sarah Palin are the same people who would attack me. Those who hate her would also hate me. Those who mock her beliefs would also mock mine. Those who scorn her scorn the core of my being.

I see her as the Harry Truman, the Grover Cleveland and the Teddy Roosevelt of this time.

Stephen A. Owen


In response to “Deadline approaching to register to vote” (Oct. 9):

Citizenship seems no issue

when registering to vote

How does a “driver's license or other proof of name and address, such as a utility bill, pay stub or bank statement” prove U.S. citizenship?

C. M. Knox Jr.


In response to “Lynx line isn't paying enough to justify cost, study says” (Oct. 7):

‘Lucky'? Hartgen too eager

to kiss off light rail's success

David Hartgen, who has opposed Lynx from the beginning, arrogantly dismisses its success as “lucky.”

In reality, those commuters who have switched from driving to riding the Lynx aren't likely to go back to their cars even if gas prices drop. Lynx will remain far cheaper.

The benefits of public transportation are usually long-term, and Lynx has been open only a year. It's too early for Hartgen or anyone else to make assertions about the cost being justified.

Ellie Acheson


In response to “The king of the satin jungle” (Sept. 28):

‘King of satin jungle' captures

city's elite photographer

Thanks for Richard Maschal's great profile of Phil Aull.

When I came to Charlotte in 1992 as a single mother, I wanted to have lasting portraits of my teenagers' senior year. When I heard Phil Aull was the best, I scrimped to have their pictures taken by this man.

It was an investment well spent. His artistry was remarkable. No matter who you are, by the end of the day his talent has made you appear cultured, refined and sophisticated.

C. J. Gray


In response to “Bid good-bye to the era of Mr. Big” (Oct. 4 Viewpoint):

Charlotte's big businesses

weren't always so big

Mary Newsom is correct about big businesses exerting influence over Charlotte, but don't forget that even Hugh McColl Jr. once ran a relatively “little” business.

Pierre Lipton


Observer showing ill effects

of cutback in copy editors

Did you let go all your copy editors?

Newspapers should be a reliable tool for our schools to teach civics, world events and proper written English.

Too many days the Observer is better suited to journalism students who need some practice with a red pen.

Jessica Hunsinger


League of Women Voters

still tops in candidate debates

I remember the old days when the League of Women Voters held the only candidate forums in town. They're still the best – controlled and concise.

Miriam G. Dunbar


In response to “Talk radio's relentless harangues” Oct. 16 Viewpoint):

Liberals want to use law

to stifle right-wing talk

Walker Lundy questions why WBT doesn't air liberal talk shows to balance Rush. The answer of course is that no one listens to liberal talk shows.

All this is the set up to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. If Obama is elected and Congress is controlled by Democrats, that is what we will get.

They want to shut down Rush and Hannity and Fox News so the American people won't hear the truth.

Larry Gregory


Talk radio, free markets,

free ideas – scary, eh, liberals?

Unlike the mainstream news media, talk radio has never claimed objectivity.

What are the liberals and “complex centrists” afraid of? Is it the success of talk radio, free markets and free ideas?

Gregg Bergstrom


In response to “No church, no Christian – and that means Obama” (Oct. 17 Forum):

‘No church, no Christian'?

Not according to MY Bible

I don't know about Vaughn Hathaway's Bible, but mine requires only that you “believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.”

The capital-C Church that Christians ultimately belong to has no walls, and the membership roster is in heaven. Thank God.

Colette Spivey


Pew-sitting not required

to receive salvation

The Christian church is the “body of believers” and the “spiritual body of Christ.”

Walking into a building and sitting in a pew every Sunday morning isn't a requirement for salvation.

Christ knows His own.

Rusty Blair

Fort Mill

So whose building fund

did Christ contribute to?

Exactly what church did Christ – you know, the guy the whole gig was named after – belong to, Mr. Hathaway?

John Morgan


In response to “Chrysler's CEO says auto industry ripe for mergers” (Oct. 16):

‘Synergies of productivity'

have proved iffy in Detroit

Bob Nardelli, lobbying for a merger with GM, sees “an environment for consolidation where you can get synergies of productivity.”

Does Mr. Nardelli remember the “productivity” of the Studebaker-Packard and Nash-Hudson mergers?

Donald R. Latham


In response to “Panthers Notebook” (Oct. 16):

Fox on Peppers: Case

of rose-colored glasses?

I got a good laugh from John Fox's assessment of Julius Peppers' play this season as “good” – reminded me of President Bush's evaluation of the economy!

R. J. Smith