The Buzz

The news media found out more about Joe the Plumber in three days than about Obama in 20 months.

Now Joe the Plumber is being criticized for using his middle name?

There's a lot of plumbing standing between Joe and $250,000 after expenses.

Joe the Plant?

How easily John McCain crawls back to David Letterman! And this guy's gonna handle Ahmadinejad?

Obamamania today, Obamageddon tomorrow.

When will Palin go on “Meet the Press” or “Face the Nation” so we can see who she really is?

After the '29 crash the Republicans still had more three more years in the White House. At least this time they'll soon be gone.

When Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, brags about businesses being “more charitable and more honest than the average congressman,” he's setting the bar mighty low.

Democrats and Republicans are competing not to serve the people but to serve the corporate elite.

Hurray for Walker Lundy! “Talk” radio? Not at WBT, where callers routinely get talked over, interrupted and hung up on.

Some read, others listen.