About changes in today's Observer

We're making changes to our Monday editions, and we hope we've come upon some things that you'll like even as we try to cope with the rising cost of producing the newspaper.

In today's paper you'll find an expanded Sports section, “Sports Monday,” that captures all the action of Sunday's NFL games, plus provides an analysis of the weekend in college football.

And on today's Local & State front, we launch a weekly look at an upcoming issue important to public life in the Charlotte region. “Savvy Citizen” will put you out in front of the debate with smart, informed journalism.

Where is Carolina Living: Your Week? We've merged that section with others in this newspaper or on other days of the week. Here is where to find its most popular features:

The calendar of events for the upcoming week will appear on this page each Monday.

The Monday television grid, TV best bets, movie advertisements and Soap Opera Digest will run on 2B, which is in the Local & State section.

The comics and classified advertisements are also in the Local & State section on Monday.

Amy Baldwin's Living Here column will continue to appear in Sunday's Carolina Living section. Other stories and columns by Amy will appear throughout the week.

Our video games column by Langston Wertz Jr. moves to Saturday's Carolina Living section.

You will find the Monday weather package on the back of the Sports or Local & State sections. Today, its on the back of Local & State.

We apologize to readers who would prefer to leave the section as it was. But these changes will help offset rising costs now hitting all newspapers, including a 21 percent increase in the price of newsprint for the Observer.

Other newspapers are raising newsstand prices. A copy of The New York Times is now $1.50 and USA Today will soon cost $1. Given the tough economy, we think it's wiser to absorb as many costs as we can. The newsstand price of the Observer remains the same, 50 cents in most areas.

If, through these changes, we can also make the Monday paper more rewarding for sports fans and readers who are engaged in the public life of our community, all the better.

Let us know what you think. Contact our Monday news editor, Steve Gunn: 704-358-5077 or