What concerns teens most in this election?

Q. A national poll shows teens are concerned about the environment and education first, then the economy. Most preferred Barack Obama for president. What about you?

Edward Carraway, 14, Smith Academy of International Languages, Charlotte: Before I never gave politics thought. As an African American male I am excited and proud of the possibility of an African American becoming president. Obama is young, and has new ideas. There needs to be more diversity in people who represent all of us in the Unites States of America. After all, look at the different types of people.

Mary Lyle, 14, home-schooled, Charlotte: I don't share the same views as the “majority” of teens. I don't think that polls are very effective in showing results. I'm concerned about the leadership of our country. I'm inclined to support McCain because what he (and Sarah Palin) say they believe is closer to what I believe.

Alix Stewart, 14, North Stanly High, New London: Although 62 percent of teens are for Obama, I am in the 33 percent that prefer McCain. Although Obama has new, “more fresh,” ideas, what is best for our country would be the experience of Sen. McCain. We need his experience to better our economy and continue to build on what we have.

Manal Mahmoud, 15, Myers Park High, Charlotte: Teens feel the need to be concerned about what goes on around them mainly because what happens now will possibly affect their future and their lives as adults. The thought of the economy crashing frightens me. We should focus more on our education. Teens are excited about this year's election more than ever because history is being made.