The Buzz

Just watch Colin Powell get bashed for switching sides.

Colin Powell is a black man hoping for a place in another black man's Cabinet.

Colin Powell bites the hands that promoted him to secretary of state.

Colin Powell, closet liberal.

Colin Powell sold the UN on the Iraq war – some credibility!

Has Colin Powell forgotten what carnage can be wreaked when soldiers go into battle with an inexperienced commander?

So Colin Powell will be voting for Obama...along with 97 percent of other African Americans.

Can anyone really believe Colin Powell would jeopardize national security over skin color?

Endorsing barely two weeks before the election? Same old Colin Powell – too little, too late.

Thanks to Colin Powell for putting “Country First.”

American Dream, updated: Just keeping what you have.

Sitting in a church pew makes you a Christian like sleeping in the garage makes you a car.