Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “Robin Hayes – caught on tape” (Oct. 21

Who is Robin Hayes to say

that I ‘hate real Americans'?

I am deeply offended by Rep. Hayes' claim that “Liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God.”

I hate no one, let alone my grandmother and step-grandfather, who are hard-working, church-attending Stanly County constituents of Mr. Hayes.

My grandmother, an 82-year-old Democrat, has worked tirelessly her whole life, including a stint in the Cannon Mills plant owned by the family of Mr. Hayes' wife. My grandmother lost her first husband to military service in the 1950s. She raised my father on her own. She cares for her sick neighbors, takes pride in her garden and taught me respect for people of all cultures and ideologies.

I may be a liberal, Mr. Hayes, but I know I love my two hard-working, accomplished, God-fearing grandparents.

Brian Basinger


‘Real American' rhetoric

does disservice to nation

I grew up in a town much smaller than Wasilla, Alaska. I am patriotic, I've worked hard all my life and I pay my own way. I raised two children and adore my two grandchildren. I'm a Democrat, and I'm a real American.

Shame on McCain and Palin for their tawdry efforts to widen divisions in this country. Obama's candidacy proves this country is finally growing up – and perhaps itself becoming real.

Susan Pflug


Do ugly incidents reflect

nation we have become?

Murdered bear cub with Obama signs left at entrance to Western Carolina campus. Citizens attending Obama rally in Fayetteville have tires slashed. U.S. senator accused of being a terrorist by association.

Is this really the America we have become?

Roy Courtney

Denver, N.C.

Obama's accomplishments:

Where's the beef?

Maybe I'm missing something, but if I looked at Barack Obama's resume, what great accomplishments would I find except for his ability to get elected to public office?

Tom Black


Obama has better approach

on economy – acknowledge it

Please stop compromising accuracy in the name of “balance” in your coverage of the economic crisis. Sometimes one candidate's stance – in this case, Obama's – is demonstrably better, and you shouldn't shrink from reporting that reality.

As a graduating college student looking for a job, I appreciate his clearly articulated economic plan, his first-rate economic advisers and most important his genuine and natural leadership abilities that can unify Washington.

Emily Ross


Obama's record on guns

conflicts with his words

Although Obama assures us he's not interested in taking away our guns, he scores zero on the National Rifle Association's scorecard on support of the Second Amendment. Not once has he ever voted in favor of our right to bear arms.

Just for the record, John McCain scores 95.4 and has the endorsement of the NRA.

Scott Jones

Quinby, S.C.

N.C.'s electoral makeup

isn't what it used to be

How many times has Jesse Helms rolled over in his grave since North Carolina became a battleground state?

Terence Heglar


In response to “1st early voting day sets mark in N.C.; black turnout strong” (Oct. 18):

‘Black turnout strong':

Headline rouses rabble

Your headline seems to say: “Look out! The black man is out voting for the black man! You! And you! And you! You better get off your lazy white rear end and go vote for the war hero!”

Roger Q. Callaway


In response to “Talk radio: Don't you get it? It's all about entertainment” (Oct. 21 Forum):

Talk-radio listeners no plus

for democratic process

D. Michael McDowell is correct that “the analytically impaired and partisan blind” rely on talk radio for their information.

Even more unfortunate, these listeners account for a large portion of the electorate today. Whatever their reasons for not researching the truth, they use what they hear from their talk radio heroes to justify their decisions on Election Day

And we wonder why our elected leaders can't work together for the common good?

Doug Samut


Teens have much at stake

in election – lend 'em an ear

I'm dismayed to see letters arguing that because teens aren't yet of legal voting age their opinions are unimportant.

This election profoundly affects young people. It is young people who will have to bear the greatest burden of our fiscal mismanagement. It is young people who will have to address the environmental, educational and spiritual crises we face in coming years. It is young people who will have to deal with the repercussions of America's foreign engagements. It is young people who will have to live with the social and political decisions of the Supreme Court justices appointed by our next president.

Young people have much at stake in this election. I find their insights honest, respectful and pragmatic, and I praise the Observer for giving them a forum.

Ethan Hagen


In response to “Separation of church, state is built into our system” (Oct. 21 Forum):

Voting booth big enough

to accommodate God

For far too long voters have left God behind. It's about time we invite Him back into the booth with us before we pull the lever.

Brian Hartis


‘Life of person in womb is

safer with which candidates?'

This letter appeared in Wednesday's Forum incorrectly edited.

As we vote, let's ask the following foundational question: “The life of a person in the womb is safer with which candidate(s)?”

Donna J. Gunter


Balanced view doesn't

overemphasize abortion

I'm a Catholic disturbed by the disproportionate importance the church seems to place on abortion.

This Sunday our priest gave a more balanced view. He noted that voters must consider issues such as the war, the economy and health care. Only at the last did he bring up abortion.

Although in general I consider abortion sinful, I also believe it is warranted in some cases. Those against abortion should practice what they preach and let others also follow their own beliefs.

John D. Clark


In response to “Va. legislators ask for further review of police chief's degree” (Oct. 21):

Monroe's flawed degree

sets unwanted example

Chief Monroe, give back the degree you clearly didn't earn from VCU and enroll in night school at one of Charlotte's universities. Many of us earned a bachelor's degree while working full-time. You can too.

A police chief should inspire others to follow all the rules!

Kathleen Britton


Movie title doesn't belong

in family newspaper

“Zack and Miri Make a Porno”? No way! I can't believe the Observer would accept such an ad. It's no wonder our children are confused about right and wrong.

F. S. Fulginiti