Trail Mix | McCain pounds on 'socialism'

John McCain is pouncing on Barack Obama's call for shifting more wealth from richer Americans to poorer ones, likening it to socialism. His remarks win applause at campaign events. But they ignore the nation's long tradition of redistributing huge amounts of wealth through tax-and-spending policies.

Placing a heavier burden on the wealthy has been a cornerstone of the federal income tax since its inception in 1913. The richest 5 percent of Americans now pay well over half of all federal income taxes. Forty percent of Americans pay no federal income tax at all, although it is the government's largest revenue source.

Conservatives, citing such statistics, say the country needs no more top-to-bottom shifts of wealth. Associated Press

A group that made automated phone calls to N.C. voters before the May primary in violation of state law will pay a $100,000 penalty and stay out of politics until after Election Day.

The group, Women's Voices – Women Vote, apologized when it became public in late April that its robocalls had provided confusing information about voter registration in the weeks before the primary. The calls allegedly broke state law by failing to include information on the group or a way to contact the organization. Associated Press

The Web site for the elections chief in the battleground state of Ohio has been hacked. A spokesman for Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner says no personal data was at risk.

The site experienced several security breaches Monday. Officials partially disabled the site to protect state records and data. The site was mostly restored Tuesday, but officials are still working on protecting data in its campaign finance section. Associated Press