National poll shows Obama up just 1 point

Didn't we tell you to ignore the national polls?

A new Associated Press/GfK national poll – which has Barack Obama up 1 point over John McCain – might be too startling to pass up.

One point?

Democrats warn that this poll was conducted from Thursday through Sunday, before Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama could be truly measured. Other, more recent polls have Obama ahead 4 to 14 points.

Republicans will tell you that this AP poll shows us how tight the race is, if only because it illustrates how fickle the 2008 polls can be.

Yes. To both.

Now back to the battlegrounds.

The game plan

After a brief detour on national security, both candidates are steering the conversation back to the economy.

Obama pressed a familiar theme Wednesday, telling a Virginia rally that McCain's proposals favor the wealthy. As evidence, he said McCain is not behind a new stimulus plan for the middle class.

McCain told an Ohio rally that Obama's tax plan would hurt small businesses, stifling economic growth.

Poll of the day




CNN/Time/Opinion Research Group.


President: Barack Obama 50, John McCain 46.


737 likely voters; margin of error +/-3.5 percentage points.

What it means

The first Ohio poll this week shows a tight, unchanged race in a must-win state for McCain. As in Florida, there is no clear leader with just 12 days remaining.

Of Biden's N.C. visit, online readers say …

I welcome Joe Biden to my alma mater and would like to see UNCC host other high profile guests. Sarah Palin would be welcome also. Hopefully UNCC is “Pro America” enough for her.


Is Joe B. going to warn us of more impending terrorist attacks because Obama is viewed as weak internationally?


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