Sometimes speeches can take a wrong turn

Somewhere in North Carolina, a campaign advance person is getting chewed out today.

Perhaps not, but Joe Biden may have felt like doing so after beginning his Thursday morning speech at UNC Charlotte with a NASCAR reference.

“Right now, our campaigns are trading a little paint,” Biden said. “But what worries me most is that the McCain campaign is getting a little loose.”

The crowd was quiet.

Biden recovered quickly, pivoting to his standard, colorful stump speech tying John McCain to George Bush.

But the NASCAR flop? A reminder to candidates that even five minutes from the speedway, Charlotte boasts a multiplicity of cultures and interests – or just some really sleepy students.

The game plan

Barack Obama is off the campaign trail today, visiting his gravely ill grandmother in Hawaii.

John McCain has two events in Colorado, perhaps his last push in a battleground state where he trails by five points in polls. The Denver Post reported Thursday that McCain is cutting back substantially on advertising there.

Poll of the day




Big Ten Battleground.


President: Barack Obama 52, John McCain 41.


566 registered voters; margin of error +/- 4.2 percent.

What it means

One of five Pennsylvania polls out Thursday, all with Obama leads of 10-13 points. Insiders from both parties say the race is close.

Biden at UNCC: Online readers say …

America knows Joe Biden. He has been an outstanding senator and foreign relations expert for years … What we don't know, contrary to what McCain said in the debates, is who Sarah Palin is.


If Gov. Palin were there it would no doubt be close to a full house. No one really cares about Biden…