Palin aiming higher than VP?

Got a phone call Saturday morning from Fred Thompson (well, a recorded Fred), inviting me to a teleconference of women supporting “Team Sarah.” Fred did not mention John McCain's name.

The teleconference – billed as the Million Woman Townhall – featured a panel of women discussing Sarah Palin's policy attributes, answering questions from callers and welcoming guest caller Laura Bush.

The effort was, in part, a smart attempt at image rehabilitation after a difficult week of headlines, including Palin's pricey wardrobe and a Troopergate deposition.

But also this week, some potentially revealing storylines: Palin disregarding her handlers; Palin publicly questioning McCain's campaigning decisions.

Watch the last days of the election closely. The campaign of Sarah for President – 2012 or 2016 – may be beginning now.

Poll of the day






President: Barack Obama 52, John McCain 44.


500 likely voters; margin of error +/- 4.5 percentage points.

What it means

Some Republican strategists wonder why the McCain campaign is still showing interest in Iowa, including a visit by Sarah Palin on Saturday. Here's your answer – a late-Friday survey that shows a single-digit Obama lead, with 3 percent undecided.