Munger says party ideas are attractive

Mike Munger, 50, believes his platform of a limited, less intrusive state government that encourages rather than interferes with private enterprise will attract enough people displeased with recent corruption within state government to reach that goal.

Munger is a former Reagan administration official who became a Libertarian because he feels the GOP has abandoned the nation's founding principles. He's boosted interest in his long-shot candidacy against Democrat Bev Perdue and Republican Pat McCrory with both stubbornness and levity.

He wants to ban the death penalty in North Carolina. McCrory and Perdue are opposed to letting illegal immigrants enroll in community colleges, but Munger said any resident in the state who pays taxes is entitled to services.

He's also committed to traditional Libertarian principles in support of private property rights, as well as decriminalizing nonviolent activities such as some drug possession and prostitution.