Trail Mix | Times protecting Obama?

Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin accused the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday of protecting Barack Obama by withholding a videotape of the Democrat attending a 2003 party for a Palestinian-American professor and critic of Israel.

The paper said it had written about the event in April and would not release the tape because of a promise made to the source who provided it.

McCain and Palin called Rashid Khalidi a former spokesman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a characterization that Khalidi has denied in the past. Both candidates said guests at the party made critical comments about Israel. ASSOCIATED PRESS

The wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama campaigned in Eastern North Carolina on the same day her husband stumped in the state capital.

Michelle Obama spoke Wednesday to a gathering of the state's largest association of black Baptists. Visitors sang and clapped for two hours in a church recreation center as they waited to hear her speak. Obama quoted the Sermon on the Mount, when Jesus told his followers they were the light of the world and to let the light of their good deeds be seen. She urged the crowd to let their light shine in this election and help Barack Obama build a better world as president. ASSOCIATED PRESS

Sarah Palin will be in Raleigh on Saturday evening at the state fairgrounds. People wishing to attend must arrive by 6 p.m. Tickets to the event are being distributed through Raleigh offices: 1506 Hillsborough Street, 919-828-6423, and 900 Spring Forest Road, 919-862-6528. Staff reports