The ‘A' List

Big stars urge on voters

Leonardo DiCaprio is bringing out the big guns to get out the vote.

Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Steven Spielberg and Justin Timberlake are among the celebrities starring in a new public service announcement produced by the actor, who also appears in the spot.

The video shows the stars struggling to grasp the concept of using reverse psychology to get young people into voting booths.

Required by director Spielberg to say “don't vote,” Roberts remarks, “That doesn't make sense.” Cruise and Smith complain to each other, while Timberlake jokes, “I can do anything. I was in a boy band, OK?”

Finally, Ford says, “You know what? I can't do it. It's not true, I don't believe it – 537 people decided the 2000 election, and you want me to tell people that one vote doesn't count?”

“There are more Baldwin brothers than that,” quips Ryan Reynolds, whose wife, Scarlett Johansson, also appears in the video.

Also appearing: Cameron Diaz, Shia LaBeouf, Snoop Dogg, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, Zach Braff and Sacha Baron Cohen as his alter ego, Borat. Associated Press

Longer wait for Goldblum's debut

Sorry, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and Jeff Goldblum fans. You'll have to get your fix of crime procedurals and quirky actors elsewhere for now.

USA Network is pushing back the start date of the eighth season of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” to the first quarter of 2009, the cable network said Wednesday.

This will allow the new season to run uninterrupted for 16 episodes.

Goldblum will play Detective Zach Nichols, stepping into the vacancy left by the departure of Chris Noth. “L&O: CI” also boasts the talents of Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Julianne Nicholson and Eric Bogosian.

Novelist Steel now a blogger

After dozens of best-selling novels, Danielle Steel still has words to spare: She's starting a blog.

“I've remained very remote and very private, partly because of all my kids (nine). They're bigger now, and I would like to communicate with my readers in a more informal way, not just through the list of my accomplishments on my publisher's Web site,” she said.

Steel said she expects to launch her blog, www. danielle, today and to post entries once a week, or more often “if I get excited about something.” Associated Press

AC/DC shook up by album sales

AC/DC made their new album, “Black Ice,” available only at Wal-Mart and through their Web site, but that hasn't limited its success: The CD not only has topped the charts in more than two dozen countries, it debuts atop the latest U.S. album chart with sales of more than 780,000 copies.

“It's overwhelming, and quite hard to take in,” the group's lead singer, Brian Johnson, said Wednesday after learning his group had 2008's second-biggest album debut.

“Even an old dog like me has a few more surprises in life, I guess,” he said, chuckling. Associated Press


Rock singer Grace Slick, 69. Actor Henry Winkler, 63. Actor Harry Hamlin, 57. Actor Kevin Pollak, 51. Actor Michael Beach, 45. Rock singer-musician Gavin Rossdale (Bush), 41. . Actor Gael Garcia Bernal, 30.

This day in history Oct. 30

1938: The radio play “The War of the Worlds,” starring Orson Welles, aired on CBS. (The live drama, which employed fake breaking news reports, panicked some listeners who thought the portrayal of a Martian invasion was real.)