Guess who wins in the funny papers?

Garry Trudeau has submitted his comic strip for Wednesday morning newspapers across the country. The strip is set in Iraq, where Doonesbury's military characters are gathered around a TV when a Barack Obama victory is announced.

Our guess is about half of you will find it funny.

The Observer won't be running the strip Wednesday, says features editor Mike Weinstein. Our Wednesday features section goes to press on Monday night, before the election. If John McCain wins on Tuesday, the Doonesbury strip would seem odd – perhaps confusing – although it would still be funny to half of you (but not the same half.)

Kathie Kerr at Universal Press Syndicate says a couple dozen editors have called about the strip. Universal is providing a nonpolitical substitute – a rerun from earlier this year – that the Observer will use.

Trudeau has made a presidential prediction before – in 1984, when his day-after-election strip had Ronald Reagan as the winner.

The game plan

The McCain campaign will embark on a furious tour of battleground states today, with nine events in four states. John McCain will appear in Virginia and Pennsylvania, while Sarah Palin will jet from Florida to Raleigh to Virginia.

The campaign is “pretty jazzed up,” said campaign manager Rick Davis, who told reporters Friday that polls showed McCain gaining on Obama.

Obama heads west today, with appearances in Nevada and Colorado before a final stop in Missouri, his second in that tossup state in three days. At speeches Friday, Obama warned voters about harsher attacks to come in the final days of the campaign.

Poll of the day




Research 2000/DailyKos


President: John McCain 47, Barack Obama 44.


600 likely voters; margin or error, +/- 4 percentage points.

What it means

Democrats and state political observers are certain that Obama would have a chance in this red state if he were to make an appearance. They might have to settle for new ads, which the Obama campaign is promising for the weekend. A second Georgia poll Friday, from Rasmussen, had McCain leading 52-47.

Online readers say …

Mr. McCain's new campaign slogan – “Aw, c'mon, please?” – is not as effective as I thought it would be.


Obama's new slogan is: “Hey, want some money?, I got a lot left over since I broke that campaign finance promise.”