Trail Mix | Obama coming here on Monday

Obama coming here on Monday

Democrat Barack Obama will return to the Charlotte area Monday as he barnstorms through key states on the eve of the election.

The Obama campaign has yet to announce exactly where he would be or when. He'll sandwich his N.C. appearance between visits to Florida and Virginia. The visit will punctuate North Carolina's status as a key battleground that's seen unprecedented interest from the presidential campaigns. Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin visits the state again today.

Obama has heavily outspent McCain in North Carolina. The Wisconsin Advertising Project, which tracks TV advertising, said on Friday that Obama and supporters spent $1 million on TV ads in the state between Oct. 21 and 28 alone, compared to $537,000 by McCain and the Republican Party. Jim Morrill

Will McCain bring another ‘SNL' ratings bonanza?

My friends, it's John McCain, live from New York, just three days before the election.

Aides to the Republican presidential candidate said Friday that McCain will make a detour from battleground states to appear on “Saturday Night Live,” the late-night show that has been a must-watch for many during the political season.

Hosting the show this Saturday is actor Ben Affleck, a supporter of Democratic candidate Barack Obama. The musical guest is singer David Cook. Associated Press

McCain's staffers among highest paid

Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign has collected a record-shattering $640 million, but only two of his staff members are among the 15 highest-paid workers in the general election. The rest, including the three highest paid, are employed by Sen. John McCain. New York Times