Anybody got the time(s)?

1. True or false: North Carolina west of Asheville was once part of the Central Time Zone.

2. What was the fate of the women's suffrage bill introduced in the N.C. Senate in 1897?

3. True or false: After the U.S. declared war on Germany in 1917, more than 100 percent of eligible N.C. men signed up for the draft.

4. Raleigh's 1991 bid for an NFL franchise fizzled when the primary investor backed out at the last moment. Who was he?

5. The granddaughter of what president died in North Carolina this year?

6. Encouraged by the Soil Conservation Service, Rutherford County farmers in 1942 set out 50,000 of what kind of plants?

7. Which Wilmington has more population, North Carolina's or Delaware's?


1. This was true from 1883, when time zones were established nationally, until 1947, when the legislature adopted Eastern Standard Time statewide.

2. It was belittled by being sent to the Committee on Insane Asylums.

3. True. Many young men, eager to be included, apparently lied about their age.

4. Future Bobcats owner Bob Johnson.

5. Teddy Roosevelt. Theodora Roosevelt Rauchfuss had been a ballerina and novelist before settling in obscurity in rural Caldwell County. She died Jan. 5 at 88.

6. Kudzu. Until its invasiveness made it unwelcome, this Japanese vine was widely used to combat erosion across the South. The Forest City soil conservation agent recommended carrying plants to the field “between wet sacks or in damp sawdust.”

7. North Carolina's, by 95,944 to 72,826, according to recent census estimates.