The Buzz

I can't wait for Wednesday, when the politicians can get back to their usual raping, pillaging and plundering of taxpayers.

Negative campaigning works. We morons suck this stuff up and let it influence us.

JFK wasn't the first Democrat to buy an election; and Obama won't be the last.

If the Observer didn't “like what he has done” as chief, would you insist Rodney Monroe hold a properly obtained undergraduate degree as required?

Holding stocks is investing. Trading stocks is gambling.

Liberals are inclusionary, conservatives are exclusionary.

I've never had a liberal tell me I'm a traitor if I don't blindly accept everything he says.

Write a thoughtful Buzz – or get published?

The Bible says a lot of things. How much of it that doesn't suit you do you just plain ignore?

We need either to speed up evolution or to slow down technology.

Please, more columns like Kaye McGarry's take on Palin. I haven't seen anything that funny in the Observer since the Outfront Guy left!

So the antichrist isn't Obama – it's Kay Hagan!