Buzz on the Net

Viral videos have been on the Internet for more than a decade, but this year they have had a big impact on presidential politics. Saturday Night Live, anyone?

Politico offered up its list of the most memorable of this year's campaign, including:

A video that endorsed John McCain by Iraq veteran Joe Cook, 23, of Wauconda, Ill. (12 million views on YouTube).

A pro-Obama video, named best Web video of 2007 by People magazine, of the “Obama girl.”

Veteran political journalist David Broder reminisces on the campaigns he's covered in his life and labels this year's campaign the best. He said up until now the 1960 campaign pitting Richard Nixon vs. John F. Kennedy was tops.

Broder recalled the moment when he knew this year was going to be different: He covered a rally in the cold Iowa winter where the mood was just like a tailgate party. But instead of a football game, the draw was politics, and the people were excited.

Forget the polls. If you want to get an accurate prediction of who will win on Election Day, turn to hard-core gamblers. It's illegal for U.S. citizens to bet on elections, but Internet-fed off-shore and British sites lead the way in taking bets on the election. Such betting hasn't always been illegal, and back in the early 1900s and late 1800s was conducted in the U.S. – and proved to be an accurate predictor.

Two sites that are considered the gold standard for setting odds predicted all 50 states correctly in 2004. Both have Barack Obama as a 1-to-7 favorite.

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