Trying to find a post-election Observer?

You know you've experienced an event of historic proportions when you can't print enough newspapers to keep up with demand.

Charlotte witnessed that kind of event with the election Tuesday of Barack Obama as the next president.

The Charlotte Observer increased its press run for newsstands by 30 percent on Wednesday to accommodate added interest in the coverage. By midmorning, our outlets were reporting sellouts. So, we re-started the press and printed another 20,000 newspapers.

In all, we printed about an extra 40,000 newspapers. You may find a few copies still on sale today at select outlets inside Mecklenburg County. We also have a limited number for sale in our lobby uptown at 600 S. Tryon St. for 50 cents a copy, our regular newsstand price. If someone asks you to pay more, that person is attempting to re-sell the newspaper.

We apologize if you've been unable to locate a copy. But we also have this news: Saturday's newspaper will include a special section commemorating the election of our 44th president. It will retrace the rise of Barack Obama's political career and profile the entire Obama family through stories and photographs. You can also read Carolinians' thoughts on what the election means to them.

Wednesday's newspaper reflected the breathtaking immediacy of a special moment in history. We hope that Saturday's newspaper will place that special moment in a context that you'll want to keep and share with your children and grandchildren.