Sen. McCain's concession another courageous act

From the Winston-Salem Journal:

Of the many courageous acts Sen. John McCain has performed for his country, his Tuesday night concession speech may have been the most important.

McCain, obviously disappointed by his loss to now President-elect Barack Obama and exhausted after a two-year-long campaign, called on his supporters to unite behind our new government. Although there was grumbling in the Arizona audience, McCain soldiered on, telling his friends that he will do all that he can to help his new president and that they should, too.

Tuesday was a historic day in America. The son of an immigrant foreign-exchange student became the first black American elected to our highest office. Obama showed the world, once again, that in this country everything is possible, that even a child of the humblest of origins can rise to the pinnacle of power… .

When the hangover of Tuesday's big celebrations wear off, however, our nation's problems will come back to our attention. And, as McCain said in his concession speech and as Obama said in Chicago only minutes later, we will all have to rally together if those challenges are to be met….