What do you expect from Obama as new president?

Q. Barack Obama won the election last Tuesday, becoming the first African American elected as U.S. president. How do you feel about the election? What are your expectations for Obama? What issues should he focus on and what should he do about them?

Adam Windham, 13, Charlotte Christian School, Charlotte: I am glad I was able to witness history as Barack Obama became the first African-American to win the nation's highest office. During Obama's campaign, he continually stated that he wanted to pull the troops in Iraq out as quickly as possible. It will be interesting to see how he does this, yet maintain stability in that region of the world. I hope Obama focuses on better overall healthcare and services for our veterans. Their dedication to our country cannot be overlooked.

Symphonie Richardson, 14, North Stanly High, New London: I was very excited when I saw Obama's [numbers compared] to McCain, also when they said he had won it all. I think it showed how far we have come. It was also amazing that John F. Kennedy's brother Robert predicted in the early 1960s that we would have a black president in 40 years. I was also happy because many people thought Sen. Obama would lose. But we proved them wrong.

David Weddington, 12, South Charlotte Middle, Charlotte: I do not feel [the outcome of this year's presidential election] was surprising. Everyone I know knew Obama would win. I do not expect much of our president-elect because he keeps changing his mind on solutions! He focuses on the right topics, but I feel he cannot do what he says because he changes his solutions every press conference. So, I am pretty scared for this nation.

Linet Menachery, 16, Ardrey Kell High, Charlotte: Tuesday's election was an unforgettable moment in history. This historic event renewed my belief in the American dream. I hope to see this presidency implement bipartisanship, as collaboration between both parties is essential for change. It is also vital that Obama stay true to his words or real change will cease to exist. This presidency has many issues at hand, first and foremost the deteriorating economy. Also issues such as the war in Iraq, healthcare reform, and the energy crisis must be focused on. If Obama can deliver the change he promised, the next four years should be prosperous.