Workers 55+ who want job training should look now

If you’re 55 or older, low-income and in need of work, you can get help finding it. For now.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program, which provides job training and part-time work at nonprofit organizations and public agencies, could be facing the end of its federal support under President Donald Trump’s proposed budget.

The program is part of the National Council on Aging. Seniors get jobs, and the agencies get workers. Now might be a great time to take advantage of job support services, before they potentially disappear.

Be aware that it’s minimum wage work – the highest of federal, state or your local minimum wage – but there’s an extra benefit: Free training.

And the program may work for your financial plan, especially if you are trying to bridge several years of employment before you start taking Social Security or tapping your retirement accounts. Or maybe it works with a reverse mortgage on your home.

The program trains you in all the skills you need to do your job, including using a computer. So if you never learned, this is a great chance to get that training free while you earn.


The council’s website has an easy-to-use interactive map so you can find Employment Partner locations near you. It also links you with other partner organizations, such as reverse mortgage counseling or the Benefits Enrollment Center.

The facilities that provide jobs and training can be schools, day-care centers, hospital or senior centers, among others. Job possibilities include child care provider, customer service representative, teacher’s aide, building maintenance worker or computer technician.

Plan on being with the position, if it all works out, for about six months before the program helps you find a more permanent job.


Many websites promise to help the over-50 job-seeker. But they are not all completely trustworthy. For instance, one site lists jobs without any posting date. It encourages you to sign up for a premium membership, priced at just $9.95 a year. It’s not that much money, but the site owner has no address or contact info listed.

To be safe, stick to AARP job resources and info. It’s free, and it’s not a scam.

The AARP work and job site has helpful articles that range from “5 jobs for the 50-plus foodie” to “10 jobs that could lure you out of retirement.”

Whatever you end up doing, don’t forget to save what you can, as it isn’t really about how much you make but how much you accumulate.