Does SkyHouse have Charlotte’s best construction cam?

There’s a lot of competition for best construction camera in Charlotte these days, but SkyHouse, the apartment towers at Ninth and Church streets, might provide the most compelling time lapse.

Yes, I’m aware this is a nerdy topic – the subset of people who enjoy watching construction cameras probably isn’t huge. For those who are unfamiliar with them, construction cameras are mounted above a project while it’s under construction. They offer time-lapse footage, so you can see an apartment building, office tower or other development fly up in minutes.

And there are a lot of construction cameras in Charlotte right now, available for anyone to view: 500 East Morehead, 300 South Tryon, 615 South College, to name a few.

But I think you can make a case that SkyHouse – which will have 672 apartments when the second 24-story tower opens next year – is the best construction camera out there right now:

▪ The first tower is done, so you can watch a whole apartment go up.

▪ The second tower is underway, giving viewers something ongoing to follow.

▪ The amenity deck on top of the parking lot is fun to watch materialize.

So, check it out for yourself here. My reasoning is highly unscientific, and I’m open to persuasion. What’s your favorite construction camera in Charlotte?

Ely Portillo: 704-358-5041, @ESPortillo