Documentary guru here helpin' tout area history

I chatted with the genius sprite of PBS, Ken Burns, on the rooftop patio of the uptown Mint on Tuesday night. Hosts of the party: The May 20 Society – passionate patriots proclaiming their love of our bold “Meck Dec” Declaration of Independence in 1775.

Jan Boylston, the BofA biggie who helped bring the great documentarian here, told me it's important to note local history like this “since we don't have old buildings anymore.” (I miss the Athens!)

Charles Jonas and Scott Syfert, the two overgrown local boys who gleefully lead the May 20 Society, were there, and Jonas was hilarious introducing Burns for his speech afterward in the gorgeous McGlohon Theater – a wonderful exception to the “no old buildings” rule. Michael Teden, the Brit charmer and big-time insurance guy, represented the Redcoats at the tea party.

Burns told me BofA, a sponsor of his “The War” miniseries, is also supporting a new documentary on Vietnam. “Bank Of America has been extraordinarily generous getting my voice out there,” he said. Note the words “extraordinarily generous.” Hey, what better cause to fund?

Lookin' toward turkey

The Carolinas Thanksgiving Day Parade (maiden name: The Carolinas Carrousel) will start at 10 a.m. rather than 1 p.m. this year. New chief Linda Vespa rightly points out this new time won't crowd the big meal as much. Vespa, formerly of Charlotte Arrangements, will again team with former boss Clarke Allen on the parade. This is the 61st parade, ya know, ye of little local history. (Did I mention I miss the Athens?)

Stickin' to it

Wanna show your disdain for a sports mascot or candidate? Just say no by putting a circle and slash over a bumper sticker on your car! Two Charlotte guys have come up with the Sticker Bomb, a $3 product that goes over a sticker. “We don't condone Sticker Bombing someone else's car,” says Byron Burns (no relation to Ken), a mergers and acquisitions guy, putting the sticky out with Kermit Murphy, a commercial real estate guy.

Table turns

Location, location, location. Table, Alex Myrick's Ballantyne restaurant that closed Monday, was a great place in a good place – but ahead of its time for Ballantyne. There was little difference in quality between Table and Blue, Myrick's always-packed uptown place, the spot after shows at the Blumenthal and The Cable Box, Time Warner Cable Arena. Case in point: Tonight at Blue, Richard Childress, NASCAR team owner and vintner, hosts a wine dinner. At some point Ballantyne will start poppin', mark my words. Table is on the market for sale –

How to follow Fed?

Word on the street is that Jeffrey Kane, titan in charge of the Charlotte office of the Fed, is lookin' at retiring around March. Where to next? A bank? Nice guy. Would not comment.