China trade blamed for N.C. job loss

China's aggressive trade practices have cost North Carolina nearly 80,000 jobs since 2001, according to an analysis issued Tuesday by the N.C. Justice Center, an advocacy group.

The report says that booming trade between this country and China has crippled this state's manufacturing, textile and apparel industries, and is now beginning to claim higher-paying jobs in electronics manufacturing as well as technical fields.

The study repeats allegations long made against China – that the Communist behemoth is able to undercut U.S. workers by suppressing workers' wages and subsidizing national businesses while skirting environmental and workplace safety standards.

The study was prepared by the Economic Policy Institute and is being distributed via advocates for working-class and low-income people. The study says that since China's entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001 opened trading channels, it has cost the U.S. 2.3 million jobs since 2001.

The N.C. Justice Center is distributing the critical report at a time that relations between North Carolina and China are at their highest.

The state is geared to do business with China, which has one of the world's fastest-growing economies.

But China's embrace of capitalism is primarily benefitting American corporations and investors at the cost of this country's workers, said John Quinterno, research associate at the N.C. Budget and Tax Center, a project of the N.C. Justice Center.

China has cost 79,800 jobs, when job gains are measured against job losses, the study says.