BofA campaign targets college students

Bank of America Corp. is targeting college students with a new financial awareness campaign.

The accompanying Web site,, features short videos with “Morris, the wise upperclassman,” who expounds on the beauty of subjects like online banking and Bank of America's student checking account.

“Now I don't know about you, but I walk five blocks to find my bank's ATM rather than get hit with fees from those no-name convenience-store ones,” Morris says, looking at the camera after fist-bumping a person dressed as a Bank of America ATM.

Also on the Web site, a glossary explains bank terms like “direct deposit” and “annual percentage rate.” A tips sheet offers advice about avoiding bank fees (set up automatic bill pay) and other wise counsel (get sandals for the shower).

Bank of America is also encouraging students to submit their best financial tips on the Web site through Oct. 17. The winner will get $25,000.

This is the Charlotte's bank's latest effort to attract customers online with fancy Web sites. Last year, it launched a small-business forum - - and a mobile banking site -

The bank also hopes to stir up interest in student-friendly products like mobile banking, or banking via cell phone. College students are supposed to be a big driver of mobile banking, but a recent Bank of America survey found that 64 percent of students weren't familiar with the concept.