US Airways flights packed in August

As it prepares to cut hundreds of flights across the country, US Airways set a record last month for the percentage of seats filled on flights, the airline reported today.

Charlotte's dominant carrier said 85.8 percent of seats on mainline flights were occupied in August, up from 85.1 percent a year earlier. Those flights carried about 4.9 million passengers, down 7 percent from almost 5.3 million in August 2007.

For all US Airways flights, including regional airlines, the load factor – or percentage of filled seats – was 85.1 percent in August, up from 84.5 percent a year earlier. The number of passengers dropped nearly 6 percent, from almost 6 million in August 2007 to about 5.6 million last month.

US Airways also reported today that nearly 81 percent of flights in August landed on time. That's an improvement over August 2007, when the on-time arrival rate was about 69 percent.