Find deals in stores, online

In today's economy, who can't benefit from a few saving tips?

We're sharing penny-pinching ideas throughout this week in the Business section. Today's focus: personal fashion, the Internet and credit cards.

Some tips come from readers. Others come from the misers on our staff. And a few come from rules our mothers taught us.

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Look good and pay less

48. Shop consignment stores and Goodwill for clothes for yard work or growing children.

49. Get haircuts or dye jobs at salon schools.

Go online for savings

50. Sign up for online polls; you can earn gift cards.

51. Drink soda? Sign up at and earn points for gift certificates and music downloads.

52. Need toys, clothes or musical instruments? Try, newspaper classifieds or

53. Buy flea/tick and heartworm medicines online.

54. Need WiFi? Find out which eateries offer free access and dine (or drink) accordingly.

Ideas to use over and over

55. Use washable cloths instead of paper towels.

56. Make your own household cleaners. With baking soda or white vinegar you can clean many things. For a no-streak glass cleaner: mix 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 tablespoon cornstarch, 1 quart warm water. Wipe dry with crumpled newspaper instead of paper towels for lint-free results.

Use credit cards wisely

57. Get a credit card with rebates you can use. Discover Card gives 5 percent cash back on various charges — restaurants, groceries, movie rentals.

58. Earn reward points with your debit or credit card? Use them before they expire. If you don't have enough points for something big, get gift cards.

59. Get info on freebies at Click on “Forums” and then “Freebies.”