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Clickable jewelry unlocks Web site

CLICKABLE TOY JEWELRY ($6 for set of three; USB dock needed): Everything these days seems to have some kind of computer chip – car keys, credit cards and now even your daughter's charm bracelet. Developed as a collaboration between the Walt Disney Co. and the toy maker Techno Source, Clickables are a line of toy jewelry items made to interact with and accompany Disney's Pixie Hollow Web site.

Each Clickable toy connects to your PC and allows your child to unlock parts of the Pixie Hollow site. Certain elements on the site, like fairy images, for example, can be downloaded and viewed offline. The bridge between online and offline activity are special charms that both work with the site and can be played with separately, away from a computer connection. The charms are sold in sets of three for $6, but using them requires the additional purchase of a special USB dock that comes in the form of a bracelet ($20) or a jewelry box ($30).

Warren Buckleitner, New York Times

Samsung adds low-profile DVD burner

SAMSUNG SLIM EXTERNAL TRUDIRECT DVD RECORDER ($109): Samsung expanded its TruDirect line of DVD burners this month with a low-profile external drive. The Slim External TruDirect DVD recorder ($109), which started shipping last week, works only with the Windows operating system. No A/C adapter is needed to power the drive. Instead, it connects to a PC with a USB connection (but it requires the use of two USB ports).

Samsung said that transfer speeds can be up to 10.8 megabytes a second, and that one hour of video can be burned in 30 minutes. With the bundled editing software from Nero, you can create videos, slide shows or audio slide shows, burn DVDs and CDs, or back up data. But the software is limited in its audio and picture-editing capabilities. Samsung said the drive was compatible with any editing and burning software on the market today, and once your new DVD was created, it could be viewed on any computer or DVD player. Danielle Belopotosky, New York Times

Krave flip phone seems kinda familiar

KRAVE ZN4 FLIP PHONE ($149): While not making any overt references to the “I” word, the Krave has many of the features of that other ballyhooed mobile phone. The Krave ZN4 is a flip phone but the cover is clear (some functions can be operated through the cover).

Also, the handset uses haptic technology. There are no buttons on the Krave but when you touch the screen you get the sensation of actually touching a key.

The ZN4 is exclusive to Verizon and features video from VCast Live TV and music from VCast Music and Rhapsody. You can load your own music using a microSD card. The phone has a two-megapixel camera, and moving from one picture to the next is as easy as swiping your fingers across the screen.

The ZN4 will cost $149 with a $50 rebate and a two-year contract (or is that “Kontrakt,” Motorola?). Stephen C. Miller, New York Times