Hoping to catch up, some businesses ready for a frenzied Friday

The winter storm continued to dampen traffic to Charlotte-area businesses Thursday, causing some to brace for what might be a frenzied Friday.

Still other businesses were preparing for Friday to bring another slump in activity after an already down week.

A sampling of weather-related effects on local businesses:

Her business closed early Tuesday and for part of the day Wednesday.

On Thursday, she and her husband slowly drove through snow and ice in his green Land Rover from Concord to Ballantyne so she could complete sugar cookies and other confections for Valentine’s Day.

McKissick said she plans to be very busy Friday as she makes up for time lost this week.

“We are definitely going to have a stressful morning tomorrow,” she said Thursday.

He expects many customers to call and change delivery addresses for flowers from office buildings to homes, where some people are likely to be as streets remain icy in places. His business had trouble delivering floral arrangements to customers Wednesday and Thursday because of slick roads.

Shearin said he expects this year’s Valentine’s sales to be down about 50 percent, or $20,000, because of this week’s snowy weather. It will go down as the worst Valentine’s in his business’s 25-year history, he said.

He said the company’s clients include clinics and hospitals, which hire Dash to transport blood specimens and medical instruments. Business was slower this week as many doctor’s offices and clinics were closed on account of the weather, he said.

“We’re down considerably,” McDougald said Thursday. With schools scheduled to be closed Friday, and many people expected to stay home from work again, he’s prepared for another slow day.

“Tomorrow will not be a huge day for us,” he said.