Highest and lowest CEO pay for NC’s top 50 companies

• Robert Niblock, the CEO of Lowe’s Inc., was the highest-paid CEO in North Carolina last year, with a total pay package worth $18.7 million – up 54 percent from last year. Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan came in second, with $13.1 million, and Winston-Salem-based Hanesbrands CEO Richard Noll came in third, with $11.7 million.

• Ingles Markets CEO Robert Ingles II, was the lowest-paid of the 50 companies’ CEOs, earning $941,218. Only he and International Textiles Group CEO Joseph Gorga, who made $970,167, were paid less than $1 million.

• One reason the vast majority of North Carolina CEOs saw higher pay in 2013: A rising stock market and strong profits at many companies boosted returns for investors, helping executives meet performance targets. The median total shareholder return for the 50 largest North Carolina companies was 24 percent in fiscal 2013.

• Of the 53 chief executives who led the companies for all or part of 2013, 12 saw their pay fall, while 41 saw their pay rise.

• Stock awards were the largest single part of CEO pay packages last year. The median stock award rose 6 percent, to $1.9 million. Cash bonuses, the next-largest component, were up 1 percent, to $926,331. Salaries rose 14 percent, to a median of $833,759. The median perks package fell 22 percent, to $83,333. The median stock option award dropped 39 percent, to $670,000.

• Only four CEOs saw their pay rise despite negative fiscal 2013 returns for shareholders: Robert Toth of Charlotte-based Polypore, Inc., and the heads of Pantry Inc., Ply Gem and The Fresh Market.

• Only two women were CEOs of the 50 largest publicly traded companies in North Carolina last year.

• No African Americans were CEO of the 50 largest publicly traded companies, and only two were non-white.

• Nationwide, the median pay for chief executives at S&P 500 companies rose 9 percent last year, to a record $10.5 million, according to the Associated Press.

Ely Portillo

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