American, US Airways combine ticket counters at Charlotte airport

American Airlines and US Airways have moved their ticket counters next to each other at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the latest step in the integration of the two airlines after their December 2013 merger.

“We’re celebrating today,” said Terri Pope, American’s vice president for the Charlotte hub. “We love days like this, an important merger milestone.”

Overnight, the airline moved its computers, signs and other equipment from near the A security checkpoint to between the B and C checkpoints, adjacent to US Airways’ ticket counters. New “self-tagging” baggage kiosks have also been added, the airline said.

Charlotte Douglas is American’s second-busiest hub, and its main domestic hub in the Southeast. The airline operates almost 650 daily flights from Charlotte. Most of them are still flown under the US Airways name. The two carriers won’t fully combine and switch to the American Airlines name until they get a single operating certificate from the government, expected in late 2015.

Until then, the US Airways and American ticket counters will keep their separate names as well. But Pope said locating the counters next to each other will allow staff to meet each other and learn to work together, in preparation for full integration next year.

“They get to know each other better, faster,” she said. The adjacent counters will also help the airline provide a “seamless experience” to travelers, Pope said.

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